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Holla Back
Yo Yo its 2003 and the LPT/ABL gear page is back.
Hit up this page to see wats poppin in the clothing world, see how ABL Niggas Dress

remember check out the lpt site and write in the guestbook
Them VANDERVEER niggas

Yerrrrrrrrrrr,This site gonna show ya'll how we get down, dressing wish. you ya'll know this is not the only crazy site we got, we got to, if you want to see more holla at my site( FLAVA.JUSTCAN.COM) i know ya'll gonna feel that site to but yo holla at my guess book always before ya'll leave

Look up yo know thats the head of our little organization OG Butta J he holds his whole team down so you know the whole of ABL/LPT gotta give this nugga respect

What is this page about ?

Yo my whole team and the nigga we roll with always in throw back or the exclusive clothing we just gonna show you was up, so maybe ya'll nigga will know how to get as jigged out as us (yea this is Butta J) yo just check out the site one!!!!!!!

Shot Outs

yo i got to shot at all my LPT/ABL nigga ya'll know this is coming for the great one OG FLAVA, i got to shot out all my A-TRAY KGC nigga cuz ya'll know my nigga hold veer and the rest of flatbush down, yo nuff respect to my nigga fredrick AKA GET MADD yo the best DJ in brooklyn ova me, I go to give respect to MY Group UNUSUAL SUSPECTS ( yes we do dance on FLEX ), yo you know i got to big up di man Screechy Don with the new song swell, yo Tay Tay you know who you are, and I got to big up every one From ERASMUS all my nigga and shorty thats holding it down.... yo this all i got for now any one else who wont to get respect holla at the kid ( EZZZZZZZZ